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I worked at Trimax Locks/Bugzooka/Wyers Products Group for almost a year. The owner Philip Wyers and Accountant Jenna Meacham practice shady business methods in many aspects of the business. I am writing this in hopes of saving future job seekers and consumers the suffering I have experienced working for and dealing with this company.

Here is a list of some of my experiences dealing with this company...

In my third month I discovered they had me listed as an Outside Contractor, attempting to avoid paying taxes and providing basic employee rights. They did this with 3 others as I was working there. I was the first that stood up to him about it. The explanation given to me was they thought I was “bored” and I was just volunteering my time. After I walked out and threatened to report them, they started removing my taxes and classifying us as employees.

They fired the Sales Manager that interviewed and hired me without paying him his owed commission. The reason they fired him was purely personal and un justified. In the time I worked for Phil has had 2 receptionists quit, fired a sales manager, threatened to fire the quality control manager, then fired me to try and avoid paying my commission.

I was required to go to Las Vegas for a Trade Show in late October, they were supposed to pay me commission from sales there and pay me back for travel expenses. It took me 3 months to get paid my expenses and they are currently refusing to pay my owed commission. They create non existing qualifications to not pay commissions.

The Office Manager and Owner have had an open sexual relationship. This gives the Office Manager entitlement, and does as she pleases. She comes in whenever she wants, pays herself, treats others with no respect or compassion. She works for about 30 minutes a day, the rest of the time she is in Phils office flirting or she is out having fun. Meanwhile, she won't accept phone calls from her top clients or the people trying to collect payment for bills, she is late on payroll, and constantly blames others for the very issues she creates. Many times we ran out of ink for the printer or where not able to function, or she didn’t pay a bill for a shipping company, or delays paying the sales reps by months and months. We often had to watch Phil and Jenna grope each other and kiss in the office area. Phil takes pride in showing off his power and relationship with the 27 year old accountant half his age. They actually had us all pretend they weren’t together while Jenna’s Mother took her position while she was traveling Europe on Phils dime.

They slowly kept increasing my job responsibilities to the point of exhaustion. Eventually, I was doing 50% of the office work with the same pay. Meanwhile they would take 2-3 hour lunches and get drunk in the office at night. We find wine bottle sand corks in the office often.

Trimax has many, and I mean many un-happy customers. Most of my day was spent lying to customers about why they haven't received their orders. When I started working in July, I was being assigned tasks that should have been done in January. Trimax is so bad at forecasting orders and customer service, that they would have me tell customers orders are going to ship, even if they wouldn't ship for months. Most customers wait countless weeks for orders without any notification of a delay, as far as they know the order shipped. In many cases, orders an prioritized based on the company placing the order, moving customers that have been waiting for months back even further. Meanwhile, the priority companies get the orders on time..

We are under constant survelance. Phil had cameras installed everywhere and they use them to watch us all the time. They literally just watch the cameras, hoping to catch somebody talking or having to much fun. I often walk into Jennas office to ask a question, and she will be watching the cameras for no reason at all. A different example is, I had a gift for my girlfriends birthday shipped to the office, my apartment mail boxes are too small. Phil for no reason opened it and looked through it before I came in.

Invoices and orders get lost daily. Often customer complain that we sent them the wrong product or made an error and we need to locate the original paperwork. Most of the time it is sitting in one of Jenna's piles in her office, she will not know what is in the pile for an average of 2 weeks. Everything must be touched and approved by Jenna before it ships or gets invoiced, this kept us behind usually 2-4 weeks.

Trimax is stealing. Every single employee at Trimax, believes that Jenna is messing with hours and manipulating overtime so she can pay us as little as possible. We will work overtime hours and she will alter them to regular hours without warning or explanation.

Accounting is a nightmare. Jenna works very little, so she hands a lot of her work off to the new employees. Phil and Jenna have new employees handle all of the funds for personal and business. They hired a girl to input these personal expenses, and she would tell us of Phil spending insane amounts of money on Jenna and buying her lavish gifts. This makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

Trimax Locks are poor quality. Everything is made in China for a little money as possible. Every product that Trimax manufactures, can be broken just as easy as the competitions. The chrome they put on their locks is so cheap, most customers complain of it rusting and chipping within the first month. They claim to offer a lifetime warranty, but it doesn't cover these known issues. Trimax makes hitches out of the Centennial office. I have heard horror stories of Trailers coming loose while driving because there products are so cheaply made. Each hitch requires a person to physically assemble the most important parts. If they mess us, it can cost lives. The tow balls Trimax sells are made from the cheapest materials China has to offer. So even if you are lucky enough for your hitch to work properly, the tow ball you have is made from a cocktail of mystery alloys and metals, they fail often.

Selling products they know will break. The very popular Bugzooka that Wyers Products Sells, comes with a plastic trap door that will break in the first month or two. Phil is well aware of this and has not changed the design because he sells the replacements part for a high profit margin. He sells lots of replacements so why would he make it so it doesn’t break, right?

Increased shipping cost. If you buy a Trimax product, they will increase your shipping cost about 20%. They make most of their money like this. This is a shady business practice that they exploit on every single person that buys from them. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

That is a portion of my experiences with Phillip Wyers and Wyers Products Group. Many other people have had these issues I am just the first to speak up about it. If they offer you a sales job, DO NOT TAKE IT, Phil will do everything he can to not pay your commission.

In the end, I worked my butt off for Trimax. I did everything I could think of to better the company, including putting up with all of the things I above mentioned, just to be fired on a Friday at 5:00pm with no reason or explanation other than, "I was planning of doing it on Monday, but you where working so hard", from Phil.

I finish with a response given to me by Phils longest working and most trusted employee. I asked Dave, "Where do you think this company will be in 5-10 years". He said, "This company will have either FAILED OR HAVE BE SOLD, do you think I plan on waiting for that?".

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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PS - found this recent article on TRIMAX / Wyers Product in a business publication. They must be doing something right!https://companyweek.com/company-profile/trimax-locks


TRIMAX / Wyers Products Group, I enjoyed my time working there (Over 3 years!). Great company.

They are very successful for a reason. They care, and make great innovative products.The attached post was found on another web site and is very interesting. This Jay Hanna character seems to trash talk most of his past employers or any person of authority. Perhaps he needs to look in the mirror to find the source of his never ending problems, perhaps he is the problem.Before believing anything this guy says I would recommend you google this person, Jay Hanna, or Jarrett Douglas Hanna.

A bit scary!- POST FOUND ON YELP FROM Authored by: Jay Hanna -King Soopers6412 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80016Grocery StorePLACE DETAILSJay H a year ago**** Try the new Parker store it's close and far better **** Danna Edwards the Store Manager is a massive four letter word that I will not say. She said I was fired weeks after I quit to make herself look good. She sucks at her job and everyone hates her. I've never seen someone that can be despised by so many employees and isn't bothered by it all.

I do not recommend applying to work here unless you're in your early twenties and don't mind being treated like dirt by teenagers and infertile feminist man haters. If you can ignore that, be prepared to work like a dog 40 hours a week but still be considered part time. Union fees make your paycheck laughable.

The union pretty useless because they take forever to resolve issues. Issues go months before resolved and the store management wins in the end regardless of the union.


I worked at this company several years ago and have nothing but good things to say about the company and their products. The owner, Philip Wyers was always very generous and accommodating to our personal needs and schedules.Sad to see that an ex-employee and bad apple like Jay Hanna, would try to defame all the good people at this company and their products.Just saw this recent article on the company in a recent business publication.

It would appear the company is doing very well. I'm very happy for them!Recent Article I found:https://companyweek.com/company-profile/trimax-locks

Denver, Colorado, United States #1223512

This post is so full of lies. This person is obviously very jealous of the owner.

I worked at Trimax and didn't experience any of these situations. The products are top quality and most of the people who work there are nice people. Philip is such a hardworker and has achieved so much on his own laurels.

This post should be removed for its content and blatant lies. This person should be sued for these untruthful representations!


I am a current employee of Trimax and have been here since last summer. I was also concerned about this post when I was first hired but became aware that the poster definitely has issues of his own.

Without going into details, he was let go for good cause.

I intend to work here for the foreseeable future. I enjoy the work, my fellow employees, AND the owner and office manager. We have had a couple of employees leave recently but, with one exception, we were all rather relieved when they left. If anything, the owner and the office manager tend to keep people on even when they may not be exactly right for their job, and moved several employees to a different area of the company if practicable.

Several current employees are former employees who have returned to Trimax. We also recently hired someone who had just moved here and hadn't found a place to live yet - they let him stay in an apartment here in the building until he found a home.

In reference to the "contractor" issue, everyone here is a regular employee and their wages are taxed accordingly.

I know this because I'm the bookkeeper.

In closing, my experience has been nothing like the poster's. It's unfortunate that good people could be scared away from Trimax by a bitter, unethical former employee with an (imaginary) axe to grind.


I always tend to believe the employees over the employer. They have an ad on Indeed for a Sales and Marketing Administrator right now.

Wonder if they're gonna pay that person as a "contractor" too?


Did you report them to the Labor Board and the IRS? If they were paying you as a contractor, they owe you 15.3% in wages.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1052012

Response To Personal Defamatory Comments:

My Name is Philip Wyers, President and Owner of TRIMAX/WYERS PRODUCTS GROUP, INC. This vengeful with intent to damage internet post, which is full of knowingly false information was just brought to my attention by one of our largest customers.

I want to first say that I am disappointed that this website, which is supposedly dedicated to “Disgruntled / Pissed off Consumers regarding actual products” would even allow postings that are clearly not consumer products related, but rather personal attacks on innocent individuals and businesses. This, tabloid style attack is clearly an attempt at doing irreparable harm to my business that I, and many dedicated long term employees have worked so hard to build over the past 20+ years. The products produced by TRIMAX / Wyers Products Group lead our industry in both quality and design and are manufactured to absolutely the highest quality standards in our United States factory, and our certified factories abroad. Our products consistently have the highest consumer satisfaction ratings of all like products on all the major national online retailer sites.

TRIMAX / Wyers Products Group Inc, consistently achieves year over year double digit sales growth, last year alone reaching close to 46% year over growth.

A company that does not make the highest quality products, or who does not treat its customers, retailers, and employees with the upmost respect, would not be achieving this type of continued success. Our employees are our most valued asset and we take pride in providing a healthy success minded environment for the purpose of helping them to achieve their financial and personal life goals. TRIMAX / Wyers Products Group, Inc.

takes pride in knowing that it operates under the highest ethical and business standards.

I can assure you that these baseless defamatory, untruthful comments will not go unpunished and we will protect the reputation of this company and its valued employees by any legal means necessary. I am currently in the process of filing a Defamation Lawsuit against the individual responsible for making these knowingly untrue statements that are meant to be harmful to the company and specific individuals. To quickly show the level of dishonesty employed in this post, please note the lead photo of this article, the writer leads you to believe that this is our order basket, when in fact it is our RECYCLE bin for copier paper, etc.

To further measure the credibility of this post, one need look no further than to the individual behind this attack. That person is a Mr. Jarrett D. Hanna, aka, Jay Hanna, whose last known address was 7440 S.

Blackhawk St. #3-204, Englewood Colorado, 80112, in Arapahoe County. I would suggest you do a quick background check on him to measure his personal credibility and integrity. What you will find in a background check is that Mr.

Jay Hanna, at age 28+, has many, many outstanding Warrants, and Criminal/ Traffic Violations, such as, operating a motor vehicle without valid license, expired tags … the list goes on. In fact due to Jay Hanna’s inability to obey everyday laws, he is unable to get something as simple as a valid driver’s license and function as a normal working adult.

To clarify, Jay Hanna came upon my business while walking door to door in the large multi-tenant building I own looking for work. I, at the time, appreciated his tenacity and put my better judgment aside and honestly just wanted to try and help him out if we could because he seemed desperate.

We hired him on a contract bases to focus on internet and social media related company issues. This all turned out to be a Big Mistake on my part! It was not long before he became combative with others in the office as well as intrusive with others in my office complex. It is around this time that I found out the reason he was walking door to door in his job search.

The reason was that he had no driver's license. He initially tried to hide this fact from us. This was clearly a problem if he wanted any long term opportunity at my company. Upon questioning him, by his own admission, he said he hasn’t had a driver’s license for 3 or 4 years due to the fact he repeatedly failed to show up in court for multiple speeding tickets, parking tickets, etc., and according to him, may have multiple warrants for his arrest in multiple states.

Clearly Jay Hanna / Jarrett D. Hanna is unable to function as a law abiding adult or manage his own life at the late age of 28+ years. Yet this individual wants to offer me business advice on how to manage my successful company. Ultimately, Jay Hanna/Jarrett D.

Hanna was fired by me for sexually harassing two female employees, along with aggravating our warehouse manager and other tenants in my building complex. Upon being fired, Jay Hanna, with tears in his eyes, begged me not to let him go, and offered to do any type of work we could offer him, including unloading shipping containers. His weak physical stature ruled out any demanding physical labor, but in reality, his sexual harassment of my female employee’s ruled out any possibility for him to remain at my company. By Jay Hanna’s own admission he has never been able to work for others because he has trouble taking direction and getting along with others.

This was certainly the case in my experience. I personally, and we as a company, take the firing of an employee very seriously. The last thing we want is to be forced to fire an employee and do it only as a last resort, and in Jay Hanna’s case, this was the only option. Over the years I have had to fire several employee’s, but it is a very rare occurrence.

In the end, I can only speculate that the body of lies contained in this internet post stems from Jay Hanna being upset that he was fired, and his resulting desire to defame and harass me personally, as well as take one last shot at harassing a female employee who found him offensive. Jay Hanna’s dysfunction runs far deeper than I am able to fully explain here. I would strongly recommend that anyone who may be considering hiring Jay Hanna or getting involved with him in anyway, please first contact me directly. More About Us: Wyers Products Group, Inc.

, and its security lock brand, TRIMAX LOCKS, along with RAZOR Adjustable Hitch Systems, and ROAD-MAX Bike Carries has been in trailering security and consumer products business going on 20+ years. We are hands down the industry leader in Trailer and Tow Security. We take great pride in our innovative, patented products. The quality of our products, along with their manufacturing facilities, whether here in the USA, or our certified foreign factories, are second to none.

We sell hundreds of thousands of security lock products and related items per year and have the best possible safety record without incedint. For the past 20+ years our products have been sold by the nations most respected Retailers, Distributors, Dealers, and Online Stores.

We currently sell private label products to the nation’s largest hitch makers, retail outlets, and manufacturers. We invite you to learn more about us and our success story on our national website: www.trimaxlocks.com


I hear "the man" is going to be visiting and spending a lot of time with them very soon? Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

to DonkeyTeeth Mountain View, California, United States #939336

Oh yeah? Did they finally get an audit for all their shady practices?

to DonkeyTeeth Denver, Colorado, United States #1223505

I know Philip Wyers personally and worked at Trimax for a short period. The company is amazing and what Philip has created all on his own by his sheer hardwork and ingenuity is incredible.

Many people tend to be jealous of goodlooking, successful people who know how to get things done and refuse to allow slackers to stay in positions where they are not performing and just trying to get a paycheck. The entire organization and product line is top quality.

Jim, who has been there since the beginning years is an invaluable asset to the company and also a wonderful, loyal employee. It was a pleasure working for Trimax and I can say firsthand if you work hard you wil be rewarded.


I was employed there for a short period of time... But what a joke!

The owner and the manager: very disgusting. He's like 58 and she is 27. She's obviously in it for the money which does make all of the employees very uncomfortable. They are very unorganized and rarely there.

All of their employees hate them and don't like the mood and environment they provide. The manager is so focused on lifting her insecurities that she has stirred tension between any good-looking girl the owner hires until they quit.

It was a disaster. To be employed there was the worst thing I could say about Trimax.

to TPro-7776 #875517

Wyers Products Group, aka Trimax Locks is a horrible company.

The owner, Phillip Wyers, makes all of his products in China at very low cost and sells them for ridiculous prices.

They are not quality products and they malfunction all the time.

Being employed with them for a long period of time, I was able to see first hand how messed up things are.

Phil, Jenna, and Dave are the worst people I have ever worked for.

It makes me laugh to see how many people had the same problem I had. I watched first hand how the employees are treated unfairly and the management broke law after law.

I suggest staying away from this company and all of Phils "Made In China" products.


The author of this post is actually Jarrett D Hanna, though he goes by Jay Hanna.

to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #939337

Hah! Proof that this company does not disagree with this article.

Instead, they just call out the person writing this article. Are you not going to defend yourself Phil? Are you simply going to just agree with this and post the persons name who wrote it???

You deserve to lose your wealth. Little ***.

Denver, Colorado, United States #784636

This is HILARIOUS! I worked at Trimax in the mid 2000s, and I KNOW that what this gentleman speaks is true!!!

It just shocks me that this company is STILL in business, six years later, because truly the books are shady, the owner uses company money to buy personal items for himself, and his MANY girlfriends; and the merchandise is faulty. I still feel badly for his Vendors and his Customers.

Surprised that Dave is still there, though, given that he used to take so much *** from the owner before; I can only imagine how much he takes now. Sad that Dave has so little self-esteem he won't find a real job, instead of working for a man who is fraudulent in his business dealings.

to Anonymous Centennial, Colorado, United States #784759

I didn't even scratch the surface with everything that is actually going on.

Dave says that he hates Trimax and Phil, but its all just here-say.

He is just as bad of a person as the rest of them. He knows what is going on and has never tried to fix it.

Stay away from Phillip Wyers and Jenna Meacham.

Do not buy or sell products from Trimax Locks or Bugzooka, unless you want to support a horrible employer and the Chinese economy.

to Jason Denver, Colorado, United States #818507

Jason, when did you work there? I am looking into working there and saw this and don't know what to think now.

to TJ #818562

I wouldnt suggest even my worst enemy work for that company. Phil is the worst person I ever worked for.

He won a bunch of money in a lawsuit and runs the company like a spoiled 20 year old. He lies about emlpoyment statuses so he can fire peoeple whenever he wants and dodge paying un-employment, forgets about wages and shorts your checks, and belittles employees all the time. Also,Trimax has really bad customer service so your job is going to be very stressful. Expect about 10 phone calls a day with clients who have purchased products but not received them.

You will also have to do 3 or 4 peoples job. Jenna who runs the office is phils play toy, she would unfoubtably be your boss. She has no experience in management and has phil by the balls.

Her goal is to take over the company, everyone else is just in the way. Good luck!

to TJ Denver, Colorado, United States #819102

Wow, that's crazy! Unreal!

When did you leave the company?

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